We are Allocation Network …

Allocation Network GmbH was established in 1998 and has its head office in Munich. Our solutions are geared towards optimizing customer and supplier relationships and strategic purchasing.

As an expert in software solutions and services in strategic purchasing, Allocation Network is the long-standing partner of companies such as e.g. BMW Group, Dräxlmaier, Generali, MAGNA, Münchener Rück, Stadtwerke München and VOITH. Our widely acclaimed software for e-sourcing, e-auctions and supplier management enables our customers to optimize their purchasing processes and achieve better results and the highest levels of compliance. The multiple award-winning software can be modified to suit customer requirements and operated as a SaaS/cloud or on-site service.

Our claim

We are the specialist, benchmark and preferred supplier for the world’s leading companies for e-sourcing, e-auctions and supplier management. In this respect, we are synonymous with premium quality, professionalism and loyalty.

E-sourcing since 1998

Allocation Network GmbH was established in 1998 by the current managing partners Andreas Prohaska, Bernhard Soltmann and Andreas Vollmann.

In the first year, the company managed to map business purchasing and negotiation processes with the initial version of its software.

Supplier management since 2003

In 2003, we rolled out integrated supplier management systems for our first two customers. In this period, we laid the foundation for the current portal, this being an integrated supplier management and sourcing system, which is available to our customers today in release 6.x based on the latest web technologies.

18 years of Allocation Network GmbH

Even though we are much younger than our customers, we are the most established company in our sector. This experience enables us to be the benchmark in our discipline. Take advantage of our experience for your experience of e-sourcing, e-auctions and SRM! We offer our customers the highest quality with maximum flexibility. The aim of our customers determines the way we work. The project teams that take care of you (and your suppliers) consist of commercially and technically experienced professionals who are capable of making customer-oriented and target-oriented decisions. Efficiency and absolute integrity are a matter of course for us.

E-auctions since 2000

In 2000, ASTRAS enabled us to execute the first auctions in the automotive supply industry and thus enhance the functionality of our software with dynamic aspects of negotiation.

Collaboration since 2013

2013 was dedicated to standardized communication workflows. The introduction of the Collaboration module enabled our customers to map their communication processes in supplier development, quality management and internal release processes.

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