Sourcing with ASTRAS in the Dynamic Environment

AVL is a world’s leading independent company for development and improvement for drive systems for combustion engines and measuring equipment as well as test systems. It has been active in this area for more than 60 years.

The high flexibility and speed of sourcing is the motor of success in the dynamic environment. The federal association of material, purchasing and logistic in Austria honored the allocation-solution of the developer of the drive system – AVL List – with the first place of Austrian Supply Chain Excellence Awards in the category “Supply Excellence”.

The E-3 Magazine interviewed Franz Fischbacher,
head of strategic purchasing at AVL List:

E-3: How do dynamics and product width affect the purchasing in AVL?
: We have defined a sourcing strategy with the company-wide effect. We use a SRM-tool which enables an automatable processing within all the company organizations. In other words, we simplify, accelerate and automate the process with a higher process security and efficiency at the same time. Through the consistent and transparent course of operation, we are able to apply the purchasing synergy with suppliers despite the decentralized sourcing process.

E-3: Which further functions do you also apply?
Fischbacher: We work with many suppliers together and these suppliers deal with different organizations within the AVL group. Therefore, both the whole general evaluation and the development of suppliers are important. The results of supplier assessment are not only internally available, but also available over our SRM-platform for suppliers.

E-3: How do you integrate the suppliers in the whole solution?
Fischbacher: WWe have an efficient supplier management which enables a flexible RFx process as well as the integration with the existing sourcing process and systems. The solution is efficient, global, transparent and accessible for all internal users in need.  Certainly we can so contribute to the competitiveness of AVL. We can reach the price reduction of supplier products and reduce the costs occurring during the purchasing process. Not only AVL, but also our current and potential suppliers can get the access to the globally available and web-based SRM-portal. We have a complete electronic supplier records with the SRM-tool, including building of supplier data or the storage of documents. Also, a register process runs with our SRM-tool. The processes of bidding must be integrated with the existing SAP system, which can be achieved by standardized interfaces of ASTRAS. Here we have chosen the ASP-variants.

E-3: And how did you realize the integration with SAP?
Fischbacher: We consider it prior to tranfer BANF from SAP into the bidding platform and backwards. Here the ASTRAS-knot would pass the BANF on. Up to now, there are still creditors transferred manually in SAP. In the next step we are to automate it with a interface

Source of this article: E-3, Februar 2012, P.26-27, trimmed and translated from the German version.
Source of picture material on this page:
Picture Gallery of AVL List GmbH on 22.09.2014, https://www.avl.com/picture-gallery1


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