Allocation is now part of QAD Inc.

A year ago, we announced the acquisition of Allocation Network by QAD Inc. Today we are announcing that our integration is fully complete and we are now operating under the name QAD Europe GmbH.

What does this mean for our customers??

The completed integration of Allocation Network’s solutions provides QAD customers with tools to bolster their efforts to respond to ever-increasing disruption, whether this is caused by technology-driven innovation, changing consumer preferences, or economic, geopolitical and societal events. 

As part of this integration, we now offer QAD Demand and Delivery as part of QAD SRM (Supplier Relationship Management). Demand and Delivery creates value for our customers by helping them to improve collaboration with their suppliers and increase supply chain visibility. By facilitating real-time communication between supply chain partners, enterprises can quickly respond to changes in supply and demand, while automating time-consuming manual processes.

Integrated Supplier Management helps procurement organizations improve business profitability. QAD customers will benefit from an integrated sourcing, supplier management and procurement solution that eliminates off-contract buying, increases purchasing power and boosts cost savings.

In addition, a Connected Supply Chain helps companies effectively manage and collaborate with supply chain partners by addressing the challenges associated with managing complex and ever-changing global supply chains.

Global support

QAD customers, partners and employees also benefit from QAD’s global presence, 24/7 support and portfolio of manufacturing ERP and supply chain solutions.

For further information, or if you have questions please give us a call on +49 (0) 89 278257-0 or send us an e-mail to