How do you lead the digital transformation of your supply chains successfully?

All of you are surrounded by data and are increasingly in need of using that data across the organisation. Most of you are seeking to digitise supply chain and procurement but are most likely not ”there” just yet. Many of you have been responsible for or have experienced the implementation of new software and different type technology with various results.

Welcome to a webinar where Martin Starcke, Director of Global Operational & Tactical Procurement, and Procurement Analytics at LEO Pharma shares his view on how to lead the digital transformation of company supply chains successfully. And why companies constantly fail to unlearn old habits.

Here you will also draw from the experience of Bernhard Soltmann, Founder and Managing Director at Allocation Network – an over 20 years old Germany-based, award-winning – however in the Nordics still fairly unknown – best-of-breed solution provider for Strategic Purchasing and Supplier Quality Management. Bernhard shows how Allocation‘s software „ASTRAS“ helped LEO Pharma digitise their supply chains and how technology helps achieve transparency along the complete lifecycle.

Let´s discuss:
• What role does technology have in successfully transforming supply chains?
• How can companies overcome the gap between digitalisation visions and the here and now?
• What are your main supply chain development drivers now and ahead and why does that matter?
• How do you set up technology implementation strategies and goals?
• How do you ”unlearn old habits” in the organization?