Benefit from our many years of experience as a service provider for well-known companies: as an external specialist we take over the processing of your auction or tender from A-Z and continue to bring you in the optimal and target-leading application in purchasing. With allocation network you have an experienced and strong partner for your full-service projects at your side.

Expiration of full-service auctions

We have a high standard of quality in our service: Each project is consistently set up and structured. The transparency of the project progress is given at all times, you always have an overview of where your project stands. Each project is assigned to a fixed project manager at Allocation Network, which is available to the client.


Milestones in the full-service project

  1. Definition of an Auction tender date/advice on the subject of the tender/specification of the tender design
  2. Setting up the auction/tender
  3. Decrease
  4. Supplier Contact/training (at auctions)
  5. Hotline/monitoring during the auction/tender
  6. Results Report/de-briefing to the customer

Individual Auction/Tender designs

The success of an auction/tender depends on the tender design that is optimally tailored to your requirements. We have more than just a 08/15 standard for you: your negotiating situation and award strategy have to be accurately reflected in the tendering process. This requires appropriate knowledge and a lot of experience. Opportunities and risks must be worked out and taken into account-our experts will ask you the right questions and ensure the optimal conditions.

Your benefit:

  • Use knowledge transfer-learning by doing
  • Realize optimal market prices in the shortest possible time
  • Full service for an excellent cost-benefit ratio

Auction Design and Options:

  • English-Reverse auctions (rank, traffic light, best value)
  • Dutch ticker auction with first and second price
  • Japanese Ticker Auction
  • English-forward auctions (sales auctions)
  • Multi-attribute Auction
  • Discount Auction
  • Sequential Auctions
  • Absolute and relative weights (bonus, Malus)
  • Multi-Currency auctions
  • Consideration of target prices as reservation price
  • Log of all process steps and auction history
  • Export of all offers and protocols in XLS-format

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