Full-service projects

auctionBenefit from our many years of experience as a service provider for well-known companies: as an external specialist we will manage your auction or RFQ from start to finish and help you make optimum and productive use of the application in purchasing. With Allocation Network, you have an experienced and strong partner at your side for your full-service projects.

SourcingProcedure for full-service projects

We provide a high-quality service: every project is set up consistently and processed in a structured manner. Project progress is clear at all times – you can always see which stage your project is at. Every project is assigned to a specific project manager at Allocation Network who is available to answer questions from the customer.

Milestones in a full-service project

  1. Setting the auction-RFQ date / consulting on the RFQ item / defining the RFQ design
  2. Setting up the auction / RFQ
  3. Acceptance
  4. Contacting suppliers / training (for auctions)
  5. Hotline / monitoring during the auction / RFQ
  6. Results report / debriefing to customer

Individual auction / RFQ designs

The success of an auction / RFQ depends on a design that is perfectly customized to suit your requirements. We can offer you more than just a standard system: the RFQ must reflect your negotiation situation and award strategy exactly. This requires relevant knowledge and a great deal of experience. Opportunities and risks must be detailed and considered – our experts will ask you the right questions and ensure the ideal framework.

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Your benefits :

  • Make use of knowledge transfer – learning by doing
  • Achieve optimum market prices in the shortest possible time
  • Full service with an excellent cost-benefit ratio

Auction design and options:

  • English reverse auctions (ranking, tier, best price)
  • Dutch ticker auction with first and second prize
  • Japanese ticker auction
  • English forward auctions (sales auctions)
  • Multi-attributive auction
  • Discount auction
  • Sequential auctions
  • Absolute and relative weightings (bonus, malus)
  • Multi-currency auctions
  • Consideration of target prices as a reservation price
  • Log of all process steps and auction progress
  • Export of all quotes and logs in xls format

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