Technology partners

Our technology partners are organizations that provide products that complement and integrate with our solution and, like us, their focus is on customer benefits and premium quality.

WallmedienSolutions fromWALLMEDIEN constitute a standard in electronic procurement in the SAP environment. WALLMEDIEN develops and manages concepts for the automation of processes in operational procurement. Customized solutions are implemented based on standard software for procure-to-pay services, document exchange, supplier portals, etc. WALLMEDIEN solutions are used all around the world. Customers include organizations that operate at international level as well as successful medium-sized enterprises.

ASTRAS and the Wallmedien application can run in shared IT infrastructures and offer different integration points between operational and strategic processes.

MothersonSumi Infotech & Designs Ltd. (MIND) ist an information and technology company der ‘Samvardhana Motherson Group(SMG)’. Building on our many years of experience in information processing, we help organizations around the world to strengthen their own IT skills using customized networking and infrastructure solutions, customer-specific software and automation solutions and intelligent business analysis. We support our global customers with a head office in India, individual branches in Japan, Singapore, Germany and the USA and through joint ventures with local partners in other markets.

Riskmethods Logo_Riskmethodsoffers organizations a comprehensivesupply chain risk management solution for the proactive monitoring and assessment of risks in the supply chain. Risk potential is identified at an early stage enabling a proactive response that maintains delivery reliability, guarantees compliance and ensures that the organization’s image is not compromised. The „Supply Risk Network“ SaaS solution developed in Germany combines the latest technology with an innovative provision of risk intelligence, providing a leading standard in supply chain risk management.

The application of risk methods can be embedded by means of a widget in the ASTRAS interface.

Consulting partners

Our consulting partners are organizations that offer consultancy services appropriate for our solution and they use ASTRAS as a tool within their consultancy projects:

Consultants atHÖVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING are highly specialized: insmart procurement and supply chain optimization. By virtue of our consultants‘ specialism, we develop procurement and supply chain solutions for highly complex issues that are individually tailored to suit our customers‘ requirements and which produce outstanding results and an excellent competitive position for our business customers. This enables us to combine the professionalism and quality of a top management consultancy with the practical implementation skill of a procurement and supply chain consultancy.

sn-Logo_kleinDie source:net GmbH is theASTRAS specialist when it comes to procurement consultancy. However, we also advise and support you, regardless of platform, inproduct group optimization and the professionalization of procurement processes. Take advantage of our expertise in data cleansing and classification, output analysis, RFQ and negotiation design, combinational awarding analysis, master data harmonization and master data management.

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