With Astras, you, as a public contracting authority or sector contracting authority, can complete your procurement procedures electronically and in accordance with the contract. The entire process chain is represented by the preparation, creation and publication of a procurement procedure, the creation of bids by the bidders, the evaluation of the quotation up to the award decision electronically and media seamlessly.

Public tender and award procedures

Electronic Award (short e-award) means the electronic implementation of public procurement procedures. It is characterised by the use of electronic information and communication tools for the purpose of obtaining supply, construction and services, especially for public sector institutions in accordance with the Law on procurement.


Astras offers all possibilities for the legally compliant public tender:

1. Create the tender documents directly in the system 2. Automatic announcement of the invitation to tender as a certified E-Ted station on the European procurement platform Ted3. The competition will take place directly in Astras4. the communication between the bidder and the client is recorded digitally5. Digital Tendering, testing and contracting6. System-supported contract awarding and automatic cancellation of non-consideration bidders7. Convenient management of all communication, tendering and offer documents in a project file

EU-wide participation in tenders

Invitations to tender published by public authorities of the European countries must be made known throughout the EU from a greater extent, which is laid down by law. In the upper threshold area, Astras is one of the few certified eTed channels to offer the opportunity to publish their tender on the European Procurement Platform Ted (http://simap.ted.europa.eu/de).


The Astras competition in a two-stage award procedure is used to pre-select potential bidders. The contracting authority shall, in compliance with the general principles of procurement, choose from these candidates, who will then be asked to provide an offer.

Participation Contest

Astras-Submission (Time-lock, 4-eyes-principle)

Invitations to tender can be sealed in the Astras system. Sealed offers are not visible to the client during the bidding phase and will only be unsealed by at least two representatives after entering the user name and password. By combining it with a time lock, tamper protection is increased by the fact that unsealing cannot occur before a defined date. Of course, all changes and releases in the submission procedure are registered and stored in the award file.

In this way, Astras submission offers all the possibilities of an award-compliant submission and opening of bids.


obligation to communicate electronically

If the contracting authority has hitherto been able to decide whether and to what extent it intends to authorise electronic communications in its procurement procedures, the E-award shall be granted via § 97 abs. 5 of the law against restriction of competition introduced: „For the sending, receiving and forwarding of data in a procurement procedure, principals and companies use electronic means in principle in accordance with the provisions of § 113 Regulations.

Astras offers a media breaks and secure bidder communication. All sent and answered messages are documented verifiably in the award.

The offer is made electronically in the Astras.

In the Astras the offers will be submitted electronically. The supplier gives his offer prices directly or by Excelupload binding in the system. The advantage for the buyer: the annoying maintenance of the data is omitted and all information is available at the push of a button.

After the price is paid by the supplier, the evaluation takes place in a comprehensive offer mirror in the Astras. These are available at any time online or for download in Office programs.

  • Offer mirrors available online or in Excel at the press of a button
  • Supply mirrors are aggregated and consolidated
  • In the Offer tab, valuations of the offers and the recording of additional internal costs can be stored
  • Automated calculation of different award scenarios (e.g. package assignment or cherry picking)

Awarding Mirrors

Your benefit:

  • VOB/VOL Award Right conformity
  • Transparency of the procurement process
  • Tamper protection
  • Secure encryption
  • Increasing process Quality
  • All transactions are saved in the assignment file for revision-proof

The building blocks at a glance:

  • Project file
  • ETed transmitter
  • 4-Eye principle
  • Time Lock
  • Participation Contest
  • Electronic bidder Communication
  • Electronic bid
  • Automatic offer Mirror

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