Cloud – Data – Security
Trust is good, control is better.

Our certified TIER 3 data center satisfies all requirements.

Top-class security for your data

  • Servers located in Germany
  • Exclusive use of branded components
  • Redundant fiber-optic cable through different physical access line suppliers
  • Segmented networks and strict separation of the various data streams
  • Network monitored by our own network operation center
  • Daily backup of our own systems
  • Use of firewalls at relevant network points

Security on site

  • German location in the cities of Munich and Karlsruhe
  • Detached building in a business park with trading companies and no industrial plants means no damage caused by emissions
  • No buildings directly on the boundaries
  • Inconspicuous location on an industrial estate
  • Intruder alarm with subdivision and hierarchies, contact-monitored locks on the doors
  • Biometric access control system with room surveillance via motion detectors and cameras
  • Second-floor location provides optimum protection against water, radiation, vandalism, etc.
  • Technical equipment moved to a secure space
  • Extensive grounding system and lightning protection in accordance with VDE requirements with monitored low-resistance shunt resistor
  • License plate and ID checks

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ISO_IEC27001Information is of strategic importance in the value creation process. Therefore, effective management systems that can guarantee practical and cost-efficient information protection at all times are required. This protection is provided through measures such as globally recognized information security management standard ISO/IEC 27001, to which our data center is certified.

itil-100341137-origOur data center operates in accordance with the requirements of the ITIL, particularly in terms of the central service desk and the handling of service requests, incidents, and changes according to the operating manual.

RIPE_NCC_logoRéseaux IP Européens (RIPE) is one of the five regional Internet registries that are responsible for registering, allocating, and coordinating Internet resources (IPv4/IPv6 addresses, AS numbers) all over the world.

ssl-logo-04Our SSL certificate contains a public key and verified identification data. When a browser (or client) links to a secure website, the server shares its public key with the client to set up an encryption process and a unique coding key for the session. The client confirms that it recognizes and trusts the issuer of the SSL certificate.

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