ASTRAS is the best and most flexible tendering system on the market. Thanks to the grid technology developed by us, you can carry out tenders in all material groups with any templates. There are no limits.

Scalability, proven security
Modular design

Compatible with different ERP, PDM systems
and portals, and other enterprise software

On several occasions, our purchasing software was
awarded by an independent jury as a test winner

Built on many years of purchasing,
processing, and industry expertise.

In direct and indirect purchasing, the
e-Sourcing software ASTRAS offers the BestPractice processes.

Talk to our reference customers
across various industries

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ASTRAS (Allocation STRAtegic e-Sourcing) is the integrated supplier portal and tendering system that meets the most demanding requirements: the
Award-winning software “Made in Germany” is used by many well-known international companies, across a range of merchandise groups and business sectors/industries.

Check out this short video to find out how ASTRAS can benefit you.


After the award of the best-practice

BestPractice Award in Gold

The Institute for Procurement Strategy and the Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Sciences in Nürnberg awards the sourcing software ASTRAS of allocation Network GmbH as a best-in-class solution in the sourcing process. In the independent study on supplier Relationship Management (SRM), ASTRAS consistently receives top marks and is ennobled with the crown.

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The study “Strategic supplier Relationship management with system best practice and realistic vision” compares and evaluates leading software solutions for SRM. For the core processes in strategic purchasing (framework, market and supplier strategy, sourcing process and purchasing controlling), the optimization potential of a software support is determined and best-practice solutions for the individual processes are Of a total of seven SRM software vendors. The study also develops realistic visions about the use of software in purchasing.

When evaluating your software Astras, the allocation network receives top marks for the sourcing area. In the categories coverage, function, designability, workflow and interfaces, the Institute for Procurement Strategy Awards the “crown” for the best-in-class solution Astras as top grade. With this opinion, allocation once again proves that it is at the forefront as a software provider in the areas of e-sourcing, e-auctions and supplier management. As a specialist, benchmark and preferred supplier of the best companies, the allocation network was already awarded the BestPractice Award in gold for the best integrated bidding tool in the year 2008.

The study was conducted by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hess, professor of supply management at the Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule Nürnberg

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Awards for customers and projects

In recent years, both ASTRAS and outstanding projects of our customers have been awarded by various institutions. Although we have always been the only building block for the overall success of our projects, we would like to express our gratitude to our customers for their trust and participation and to congratulate them on the following awards:

Our customers


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